Giants editor terrain editing services

The trucks have the following features: Note to the UAL: There is a small change compared to the original V3 script:

Giants editor terrain editing services

You may consider it a lot of steps and perhaps not be bothered. Best bet is download a sample mod map. Save them in DDS file format and only around 76kb each, I resized mine til they were right.

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I did this by checking the size of the ones in the sample mod map. Nor have I messed with the map preview so mine worked without any of that. However you have to include the folders shown in the example mod map you download. Best to title it in the modDesc so that you can easilly identify it too, especially if you have a few maps in there.

Then place it in the mod folder. Be aware you may have to fiddle the amount of money you have, the vehicles, the fields etc by using details from another game save.

All you do is either keep the files that were placed in the zip or unzip your last map you used then edit the unzipped map file.

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When finished editing and exporting to this folder and map file rezip it again, delete the old zip from the mod folder and place the new one in there. Here is a Gold Standard sample mod map for editing. Again their are no quick shortcuts. If you want to do these things then plenty people will help.

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giants editor terrain editing services

After making and breaking a number of appointments I finally got the propeller balanced per the recommendation of Art at Able Air back in June. Changing texture in Giants editor.

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