Donald trump essay

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Donald trump essay

Yet all he is doing is implementing the ideas that he developed during his electoral campaign, thus taking his place in a political tradition which, although long neglected, is solidly anchored in US history. The outsider challenged the Puritan domination over the USA, and demanded a return to the original compromise of — the Bill of Rights — between the revolutionaries who were fighting King George, and the major land-owners of the 13 colonies.

We pointed out that on foreign policy, Presidents George W. On the contrary, Donald Trump continually denounced the American Empire, and announced the return to Republican principles. Therefore we did not see him as a neo-Nazi, but as a politician who refused to engage his country in the service of transnational elites.

Writing for two years, and expressing ideas which were completely opposite to all other commentators, we were wrongly classified as partisans of Donald Trump. This is an incorrect interpretation of our work.

We are not United States electors, and as as result, we do not support any candidate to the White House.

Donald trump essay

We are political analysts, and we attempt only to understand the facts and to anticipate their consequences. Where are we today? We must distinguish the effects for which Donald Trump is directly responsible from those which are the continuity of his predecessors and the effects due to ambient world evolution.

The interior Donald Trump gave his support to a demonstration of white supremacists in Charlottesville, and also to the movement for the right to carry arms, including after the slaughter at Parkland.

These positions were interpreted as support for far-right ideas and violence. Lacking means, the completion of the Wall at the Mexican border, which had been built by his predecessors, is a long way from being finished.

It is still too soon to draw conclusions. The confrontation with those Hispanic immigrants who refuse to speak English and to integrate the compromise of still has not happened. Donald Trump went no further than taking the Spanish service off the White House communication system.

As far the economy is concerned, Donald Trump has not yet managed to impose his revolution — exonerating exports and taxing imports. However, he withdrew his country from the free-exchange treaties which had not yet been ratified, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP.

But finally, the little he has already achieved has been enough to kick-start production and employment in his country. The exterior In order to liquidate the American Empire, Donald Trump had announced his intention to cease support for the jihadists, to dissolve NATO, to abandon the Cebrowski strategy, and to repatriate the occupation troops.

It is obviously much more difficult to reform the primary federal administration, the armed forces, than to change the economic and financial regulations by decree. In priority, President Trump placed trustworthy people at the head of the Department of Defense and the CIA in order to avoid all attempts at rebellion.

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The consequences of this decision quickly became apparent with the fall of Daesh in Iraq and in Syria. He deliberately discredited the G7, forcing his baffled allies to assume their own responsibilities.

While this project, which both France and the United Kingdom are attempting to sabotage, has little chance of managing to install regional peace, it enables him to paralyse the initiatives by the Pentagon.

The initiative for the solution of the Korean conflict, the last vestige of the Cold War, ought to enable him to call into question the validity of NATO.In this video from , Donald Trump prepares for an appearance on "Days of Our Lives" with actress Arianne Zucker. He is accompanied to the set by "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush.

Chabad-Lubavitch. Global Security has hypothesized that Donald Trump may be a Manchurian Candidate planted by the Russian mafia in collusion with the Russian government. Using a network of hackers and Internet trolls controlled by the Russian mob, the Russian government was able to influence the US Presidential election in favor of Trump.

Aug 11,  · My last conversation with Donald Trump was at the New York Military Academy, where we were both cadets. It was , the year he graduated. We were walking together near the baseball field where. President Donald Trump’s Dec. 4 proclamation robs the American people of their public lands heritage.

The President and a handful of politicians would like .

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Watching Donald Trump's awkward and disorganized veterans benefit event on Thursday night, it was easy to lose sight of how audacious it was for the man leading handily in most state and national.

Jun 02,  · This week, two of Donald Trump’s top advisers, H. R. McMaster and Gary Cohn, wrote the following passage in The Wall Street Journal: “The president embarked on his first foreign trip with a.

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