Alhambra palace

The hill site of the Alhambra had been occupied by a citadel and possibly by a palace since the 11th century, but little of those earlier constructions has remained. After the expulsion of the Moors inmuch of the interior was effaced and the furniture was ruined or removed. Charles Vwho ruled in Spain as Charles I —56rebuilt portions in the Renaissance style and destroyed part of the Alhambra in order to build an Italianate palace designed by Pedro Machuca in

Alhambra palace

The secrets of the Alhambra palace: Water Can you imagine the Alhambra palace without water? Many of the decorative elements of this magnificent monument are created or enhanced with water. The use of water in the Alhambra palace changed the Sabika hill from a red dusty mound into a lush oasis.

Alhambra palace

The Patio de los Leones or Courtyard of the Lions was built then. Now this is the most emblematic part of the Alhambra.


This fountain is said to represent the heavenly garden of Islam. A large bowl sits on twelve lions; each one has its own individual markings and face. These streams symbolize the four rivers of paradise.

Each of the twelve lions spout water into channels below which run across the marble courtyard, creating movement and sounds across the centre of the palace.

In major restoration work was carried out on stone lions. Some of the stone and metal parts had rust stains after standing for so many years. This restoration work lasted more than a year. This restoration revealed far more information about the water supply and engineering of the fountain than was first expected.

This central feature had its own water channel. This had its own exclusive channel which runs in parallel to the main channel from the acequia real. This is a bold and extravagant detail which helps us to understand the importance of the architecture in the Alhambra and the splendor the creators wanted to display.

Click below to book your tickets: The most beautiful part of the Alhambra palace. All rooms and corridors radiate from this central courtyard and fountain.

So it was imperative that a constant supply of water arrived to this emblematic part of the palace. This 6 km stretch of water above the Darro River. This network of channels would have ran along to directly into the Generalife Gardens and then through the heart of the Alhambra palaces.

The Acequia Real supplied the whole Alhambra citadel with water in a clever network of channels. Water reached all the gardens, plants and even the fountains wih enough pressure and still works all these years on.

Alhambra palace

Visiting the Alhambra When you visit the monument you can see the Acequia Real if you lookout for it. Close to the the entrance to Alhambra Palace you can see one of the arched aquaducts. The design of this system ensured a constant flow of water, refreshing this palatial city.

Panoramic view of the Alhambra

The builders made detailed calculations to use the natural flow of the Darro River. They created a pressure which would make the water flow naturally along its course. As well as the channels, several pools storing water, waterwheels and other devices made this system work.

In Arab settlers had already discovered roman water channels. The engineers for the Alhambra made use of this existing framework to create their own system. Expanding and improving what was already there.Tickets sales, Guided tours. Historical, cultural and tourist information about the Alhambra of Granada and the town.

Accomodation guide, restaurants, etc. The Alhambra palace - Granada, Andalusia The Alhambra, Generalife and Albaycín quarter of Granada were declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in Patio de los Leones (the lions court), Alhambra Granada, Andalusia.

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